Business Marketing

Is your business barely getting enough customers to make ends meet?

Many businesses have experienced a dropped in sales at some point. They shrug it off as just something that happens from time to time and just carry on until they find themselves on the brink of bankruptcy.


Low sales isn’t something that occurs at random like the weather, it can be prevented by taking note of numerous factors such as: How popular is your business? What do people think about it? Just how much of the public knows about it?


This is where Business Marketing comes in; a combination of various marketing practices that ensures your business to get the right publicity it needs to succeed. Rest assured that our Business Marketing solution will drive you to the right track in getting quality clients.

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The complete marketing plan for your successful business.

  • Branding: giving your business a public image that will speak volumes about itself to potential clients
  • SEO: stands for Search Engine Optimization – the process of putting your website on the top of search results, giving you the edge over other businesses that have similar offerings
  • Social Media Management: letting your business be known through the internet where the majority of people and potential clients regularly spend their time on these days
  • Corporate Videos & Marketing Ads: a convenient way for people to learn about your business in a professional light
  • Viral Videos: a great way to introduce your services to the public – similar to word-of-mouth, as your business gets shared through various social media platforms

We work with you in building your success.


Let’s ink the digital pen


Everyone loves design. Modern, hip, classical, or minimalist — the list goes on. We love to talk more about this with you but just so we’re in the same page, here are a couple of things we’re usually asked to do by our clients.

The actual face of branding – it is what leaves a mark in the subconscious mind of your customers.

Bill-50Letterhead, envelopes, and calling cards
Elevate your brand value to customers and other businesses.

Map-50Signage and posters
Boost your sales and inform people of your various services.

Package-50Packaging and product design
Your packaging and product design is the ultimate form of branding.

Change Theme-50Digital interfaces
Things like websites, mobile apps, and videos are all part of modern society.

On-time. On-budget. On it!

With 15-years of experience in the industry, we developed a set of service packages for various types of clientele with quality a guaranteed shoe-in regardless of the set price.


Traditional, All-Print

  • High-detail, quality logo with brand manual
  • Up to 3 persons — calling card designs
  • Letterhead/envelope design
  • up to 2-boxes packaging layout design


Experience, Audio visual

  • Up to 10-sec opening/closing video
  • Up to 5-sec brand tone
  • Up to 3-mins looped brand music
  • 20-sec corporate video teaser trailer


Communication, Online presence

  • Custom main page design
  • 5-page website (single, contact, blog)
  • 3 marketing posters for email blasts
  • 3 standard online ad banner designs

We await your orders, Capt’n.

Enlist on our Business Marketing service and watch your business grow exponentially.